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PH100 series tablet microscope

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    Image acquisition   system

    Operating system   :WIN10;10.1 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 1920*1080,   frequency: 1.44GHz core number: quad-core, running memory: 2GB, graphics   card: graphics card: Intel HD Graphic; ports: WIFI, OTG, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth   4.0, speakers ,microphone

    16 million pixels   Windows integrated smart touch industrial-grade tablet, high-definition   screen with 1080P resolution; 11.6-inch IPS capacitive touch screen; imported   high-resolution image sensor, good color reproduction, high clarity and   height; 1/2.33 inch, 1.35x1.35 microns, 1 /2.3 inch progressive scan; WIN10   genuine operating system; 4G DDR 64G solid state hard drive; Interface:   USB3.0, HDMI; RJ45 network port; built-in WIFI (optional)

    Built-in CCD/CMOS   camera, 5 million pixels (optional 2 million to 16 million), digital field of   view is not less than 80%, convenient and quick to observe, take pictures,   and transmit

    Microscopic image   processing software for windows, software functions: manual/automatic   exposure, manual/automatic white balance, photographing, video recording,   image editing, measurement, image color adjustment, image overlay, particle   counting

    Microscopic image   processing software Android version, software functions: manual/automatic   exposure, photo, video, measurement, image color adjustment

    Viewing Head

    Built-in Digital compensation   binocular head,30°   inclined,interpupillary distance 48-75mm.(360° rotatable)

    Compensation trinocular   head,30° inclined,interpupillary distance   48-75mm.(360° rotatable,with push-pull rod)


    High eyepoint,Wide field,diopter adjustable,WF10X20mm,WF16X16mm


    EP Achromatic  Objective 4x,10x,40X(Spring),100x(Spring,Oil)

    Plan Achromatic  Objective4x,10x,40X(Spring),100x(Spring,Oil)

    Infinity Plan   High-contrast Achromatic Objective IPL   4x,10x,40X(Spring),100x(Spring,Oil)


    Inner inclined   quadruple nosepiece,ball bearing inner locating

    Focusing System

    Coarse & fine   coaxial focusing knob,coarse focusing range 22mm,fine focusing graduation 0.002mm

    Adjustable   elasticity, random positioning and locking device


    Double-layer   mechanical mobile platform, double slice clamp  size:160mm×142mm ,move range:76mm×   52mm


    Abbe condenser   N.A.=1.25,with iris diaphragm,moving up and down,center adjustment,with   filter holder.

    Light collecting   lens

    critical   illumination, large-aperture light collecting lens

    Upper light

    High-power LED, universal   lighting (optional, non-standard)

    Transmission light   source

    LED cold   light,brightness adjustable

    Power supply

    external switching   power supply, input AC90-240V, output DC 6V/2A

  • Phenix PH100 series digital biological tablet microscope adopts ergonomic modular design, large-screen high-definition LCD screen, smooth operation, wide field of view, clearer imaging, and long-term observation is not easy to fatigue. Built-in handle, easy to take and move.The product can be used in high school education, clinical diagnosis, scientific research, laboratories and other high-end applications.High-definition large-screen touch panel, long-life LED light source, adjustable brightness, compound eye illumination, higher brightness and more uniformity.