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Phenix Optics launched the new generation AI smart digital microscope



On 22 November 2020, at the occasion of seminar “AI Artificial Intelligence on microscopy” Phenix Optics launched a new product of LCD digital intelligent integrated microscope. The seminar was sponsored by CETHIK, undertaken by Phenix Optics and co-organized by Zhejiang Wuzhen Street Technology Co., Ltd., held at Wuzhen of Zhejiang where is the World Internet Conference located.


Mr. Yun Zeng, Chairman of the Board of Supervisor and Mr. Rui Liu, Executive Vice President of Phenix Optics Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed the guests with a welcome speech and an opening speech respectively.

In the seminar, Mr. Professor Sen Han from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Mr. Professor Xiang Hao from Zhejiang University and Mr. Chengdong He, a senior expert from the CETHIK research institution respectively delivered the following speeches of "Application of digital laser interferometry in Nanopole detection", "Hundred Years of Microscopy" and "Exploration and prospect of microscope image processing technology".


In the new product launch, the general manager of Phenix Optics Instruments BU, Mr. Huashan Li released the new generation AI smart digital microscope which was vertically manufactured in-house by Phenix Optics. Meanwhile, he introduced and demonstrated the functions and features of the new product to the guests.  

The Integration with high-performance chips from Sony and application of AI big data algorithm for assist analysis which improve the accuracy and efficiency of microscopic observation. The wide applications of the different scenarios and fields, simplify the complex observations and analysis compare with traditional microscopes. Combine with the AI technology, the microscope will meet the more advanced pursuit of optical instruments and achieve a more comfortable experience of microscopic observation.  


This exciting event gathered more than 150 guests from well-known research and development institutions in related industries at home and abroad, heads of universities, microscope distributors, suppliers, educational equipment industry associations, and heads of well-known enterprises in related industries at home and abroad got together and witness the launch of Phenix Optics’ new generation of AI smart digital microscope.